Imperial Berkey

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Key Product Details:

  • Storage Capacity: 4.5 gallons (17 Liters)
  • Maximum number of black purification elements: Six
  • Maximum number of PF-2 Fluoride/Arsenic filters: Six
  • Processing Capacity with 2 black elements: Up to 5.5 gallons (20.8 liters) per hour
  • Processing Capacity with 6 black elements: Up to 16.5 gallons (62.5 liters) per hour
  • Product dimensions: 26" tall. 10" diameter
  • Constructed using: Highly polished AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Comfortably serves: Up to 8 people for daily drinking

The Imperial Berkey provides serious capacity and flexiblity! Boasting the ability to process water at up to 16.5 gallons per hour, and hold up to 4.5 gallons of purified water, it's a natural choice for large families and office settings. These powerful systems purify both treated water and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds, and water supplies in foreign countries, where regulations may be substandard at best. It can give you peace of mind in environments where electricity or treated water may not be available. 

Berkey systems remove pathogenic bacteria, cysts, and parasites entirely and extract harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222, and trihalomethanes. They also reduce nitrates, nitrites and unhealthy minerals such as lead and mercury. These systems are so powerful, that they can remove red food coloring from water without removing the beneficial minerals your body needs. Virtually no other system can duplicate this performance. 
The Imperial Berkey system comes with everything you need:
  • Upper and lower stainless steel chambers
  • 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements (additional sets can be added above)
  • 2 Wingnuts
  • 2 Washers
  • 4 Blocking plugs
  • 1 Priming button
  • 1 Stainless steel lid
  • 1 Spigot
  • 1 Rubber gasket to protect the base
How the Imperial Berkey Operates:
Berkey water purifiers are the most practical, user-friendly and economical water purification systems available. To use, water is poured into the upper chamber. Gravity draws the water through the exclusive Black Berkey purification elements. Contaminants are captured on and within the micro-porous purification elements and are separated from the water. The purified water then collects in the lower chamber where it can be drawn through the spigot.

The Imperial Berkey is so powerful, it can be used to purify non-potable or unhealthy water in situations where electricity and water pressure are not available. The Imperial Berkey provides reliable, user-friendly, powerful, and economical water filtration.

About Black Berkey Purification Elements:

Black Berkey Purification Elements are more powerful than any other gravity filter element currently available. In fact, Black Berkey purification elements underwent tests containing more than 10,000 times the concentration of pathogens per liter than is required by standard test protocol. This concentration of pathogens is so great that the post filtered water should be expected to contain 100,000 or more pathogens per liter (99.99% reduction - the requirement for pathogenic removal). Incredibly the purification elements removed 100%. Absolutely no pathogens were cultured from the effluent or were able to be detected, even under an electron microscope, setting a new standard in water purification. 

Black Berkey purification elements are so powerful, they can remove red food coloring from water without removing the beneficial minerals your body needs. Virtually no other filtration element can duplicate this performance.

The powerful Black Berkey purification elements also remove or reduce pathogenic cysts, parasites, harmful or unwanted chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides, VOCs, detergents, organic solvents, trihalomethanes, cloudiness, silt, sediment, nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, foul tastes, and odors, yet they leave in the healthful and beneficial minerals that your body needs. 

The Black Berkey purification element formulation has been tested by State & EPA accredited laboratories to exceed EPA & ANSI/NSF (Std. 53) protocol. 
No need for expensive disposable filters. Black Berkey purification elements are re-cleanable. When the flow rate decreases simply brush the Black Berkey purification elements with a ScotchBrite® pad under running water, reinstall and your system is again ready to purify water. Each durable and efficient purification element will last for up to 3,000 gallons (6,000 gallons per set of two) and provide years of efficient water purification. What's more, these unique Black Berkey purification elements are self-sterilizing. 

 A Berkey water filter is a must have for emergency preparedness...and even everyday water consumption.

This item cannot be shipped to Iowa or California

*(Flow rate calculated with upper chamber full to the top. Flow rate decreases as water level declines).

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