Del Monte Mixed Vegetable Diversion Safe

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Recent studies indicate that burglars are only in homes for around 6 minutes on average. They only have time to look in the most obvious of places. They check your sock drawer, the shelves in your closet, under neath your mattress and bed, etc. Diversion safes are the perfect way to hide valuable possessions where they'll be hardest to find ... in plain sight! 

Many police departments have commented that these simple and affordable diversion safes are more effective for families than locked safes (which are obvious targets).

Use these at home or the office, in your RV, or car. They provide a cost effective way (and fun) way to keep important things hidden. They can hide your medication, cash, important documents, precious metals, thumb drives, etc.

This Del Monte mixed vegetable can looks exactly like an unopened can of the real thing. Only you will know that the top can twist off to reveal whatever you have tucked away inside.

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