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Two is One. One is None. Redundancy Saves Lives!

There’s an common saying in various branches of the military: “Two is one, and one is none.” This saying has been adopted by gun enthusiasts and preppers as well. 

Imagine being in a heated gun fight when the gun in your hand (the only one you have) malfunctions and becomes unusable. ONE has suddenly become NONE, and you’re in trouble! What if you were in the same scenario, except this time you also had a backup firearm. When your original weapon becomes inoperable, you could reach for your backup and continue to return fire and protect yourself (TWO became ONE).

This same concept is important in emergency preparedness too! You should have redundancy for critical  survival gear. Consider each of the following areas. The list isn’t comprehensive; it’s intended to get you started in a process of self-evaluation.

  • Water storage
  • Water filtration
  • Alternative cooking methods
  • Fuel sources
  • Heat sources
  • Emergency shelter
  • Key medical supplies
  • Transportation

This principle applies to more than just physical gear. Redundancy of skills is also important. What if you are the only one with a specific, critical survival skillset and then you get injured and can’t function in your normal routines and capacities? By creating skill redundancy, you greatly improve the preparedness of your family or group.

What can you do to create skill redundancy in your circle of influence? What skills should you seek out? What skills can you help others to acquire?