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Cooking with the Sun Oven

Cooking with the  Sun Oven is fun. It can bake, boil, steam, and even dehydrate! The list of things that you an make with this all season solar cooker is almost endless! As with any skill, practicing and experimenting with various types of food and recipes leads to greater comfort and skill. 

If you use your  Sun oven frequently, then pulling it out to use during a time of emergency won't be stressful, it will be comfortable and familiar. You'll know how to use the tool well, and the dishes that you like to make with it. As we experiment with breads, entrees, deserts, and even pasteurization, we hope that we'll inspire you to pull out your solar oven a little more too!

Chicken and Veggies:

We cleaned and cut up 8-10 small to medium sized potatoes, added a one pound bag of baby carrots, and boneless-skinless Chicken breast. We then sprinkled Lemon Pepper and salt over the dish to season it.

This Solar Oven can be used during any season of the year. It's s a good idea to practice baking throughout various seasons so you have experience cooking in cold weather and deep snow as well as during the warmer months of the year. Once you focus your oven, aligning it with the sun, the process is similar throughout the year, but again, practice during non-emergency times and in many conditions, leads to comfort when you later rely on that  piece of survival gear to later help you cook and maintain life.