Berkey Sight Glass Spigot

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Berkey Water View Spigot - Visually check your remaining water level

The Berkey Water View Spigot allows you to visually check the amount of purified water that is remaining in your lower tank, so you'll know if you need to refill the upper tank. Without the water view spigot, you have to either gauge the amount of remaining water by how forcefully water is coming out of the spigot (water drainage slows as the water level decreases), or you have to remove the upper chamber so you can see the accumulated water in the lower chamber. The water view spigot adds a great deal of convenience and assurance! The inside of the spigot is lined with glass and some food grade polypropylene, so that's all that your water comes in contact with. The outside of the spigot is constructed of high quality aluminum and food grade plastics.

Berkey Model Appropriate Spigot Size
Travel Berkey 7.5 inch
Big Berkey 7.5 inch
Royal Berkey 10 inch
Imperial Berkey 10 inch
Crown Berkey 13 inch





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