Be The BodyGuard DVD with Gregg Wooldridge

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GREGG WOOLDRIDGE is one of the nicest guys but he's known as one of the baddest cats walking the planet. He was a street cop for 11 years before joining the most famous executive protection group in the world. He protected not just top executives of big companies, but also music and performance stars, from all parts of the entertainment world. 

Now Gregg makes his simple and highly effective fight strategies available to average civilians. Guys who will LISTEN and do what it takes to protect the lives of their loved ones. This special training is NOT hard and it's super easy to master. You'll learn how a street-savvy fighter uses the escalation of force to overwhelm larger opponents (even when you're surprised from behind) how street wise fighters use psychology to scare even tough big men, how to make yourself impossible to strike, which is critical when you have stay unhurt so you're able to help others while everyone is panicking. The improvised weapons instruction is very cool too. With this knowledge, you will NEVER be without a weapon, no matter where you are. Gregg even covers advanced gun disarmament. He's the best you'll ever see it. He's had to do it. This is not theory, it's what works, and what you NEED to know.

Run Time: 4 Hrs 6 Min

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